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Remains of Shah's tent city, Persepolis

Remains of Shah's tent city, Persepolis

Book Excerpt

... fast forward 2000 years to the early 1970s when the Shah ruled Iran. In 1971 the Shah decided to honor 2500 years of Persian emperors, including himself, by hosting a giant party for the world’s royalty and heads of state. To house party-goers an elaborate desert tent city was built near the remains of Persepolis for the world leaders and their entourages. Food was flown in fresh daily from Europe. Fine wines and alcohol flowed. By most accounts it was a grand time.

The problem was that he forgot to invite many Iranians, though he spent plenty of their (oil) money on the party. Scenes of world leaders being feted on their dime supposedly helped accelerate the revolution that challenged and overthrew the Shah a few years later. The tattered remains of the Shah’s old tent city, sitting forlorn and empty a short walk from the grandeur of Persepolis, are left by the current rulers to remind people of the excesses and vices of the old. ...

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