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Remains of Elamite city of Susa

Remains of Elamite city of Susa

Book Excerpt

... this was the day that really brought home the history of this part of the world. In five-hour period alone I walked across the same pavement stones as Alexander (see the photo above), visited the Tomb of Daniel (he of the lion’s den), saw remains from the civilization that invented writing, which were just down the road from the ruins of the civilization that invented the wheel. And then the view from my hotel room that night was of the world’s oldest university.

After driving for most of the day we finally arrived at our first stop. Little remains of the historic city of Susa, dating back 4000 years, other than foundations and paving stones. It’s left to the mind to recreate the huge, multi-pillared administration building that once overlooked and dominated the surrounding area. Walking through the remnants literally puts you in the footsteps of Alexander, treading the same paving stones through the same buildings. ...

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