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Old woman in Abyaneh

Old woman in Abyaneh


Book Excerpt

The narrow pathway winding between red brick homes with clean white snow and friendly people quickly made this little town my favorite of the trip. After passing the kids we next came upon an old woman who urged us to visit her home for some dried apples. She wouldn’t take no for an answer, even berating Professor for trying to refuse a request from an old woman. He quickly apologized and we headed down a tiny offshoot path to her little courtyard. She offered us dried apples and tea, with the apples being absolutely succulent.

Apparently the tourist trade had already cut a wide swath through the town – after feeding us she broke out an old handmade necklace and urged me to buy it. She was such a nice old lady, and the silver necklace with its snuff holder as the main piece looked so unique, that I went ahead and bought it. It cost all of four bucks.

As we got up to leave I asked to take a picture with her but she refused. Saying without her husband’s permission it wouldn’t be right to take a picture with a man. But a picture of her standing alone in her courtyard, laundry flapping in the cold wind, was fine so we did that instead. Then she gave us the whole bag of dried apples, again refusing to take no for an answer and getting a little piqued at Professor for trying to refuse. It was actually funny watching his demeanor go so quickly from in-charge tour guide to apologetic, scolded schoolboy.


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