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IRAQ Photos
Click the photos for captions and a larger view.
thumbnail - road to BIA
Highway to Baghdad
thumbnail - Baghdad International Airport
Baghdad International Airport (BIA)
thumbnail - BIA bomb shelter
BIA's bomb shelter
thumbnail - BIA and me
BIA and me
thumbnail - bomb damage
Bombed remains of Saddam's Baath Party headquarters
thumbnail - baath HQ
Baath Party headquarters

Entrance to Baath Headquarters
thumbnail - inside Baath HQ
Inside Baath headquarters
thumbnail - inside Baath HQ 2
Inside Baath headquarters II
thumbnail - water in Iraq
There is water in Iraq!
thumbnail - Blackhawk Bazaar
Blackhawk Bazaar
thumbnail - stay away
Stay away!
thumbnail - new haircut
new haircut
thumbnail - qatar terminal
Airfield passenger terminal - U.S. Air Force base, Qatar
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