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Yazd - "Down with USA"

Yazd - Down with USA

Book Excerpt

Driving along one street in search of the hotel we suddenly came across the first, and only, overtly anti-American sign I saw on the trip. Painted on the side of a large, traditional brick water tank was ‘Down with the USA’; or exactly ‘DOWN WITHE U.S.A.’, with the ‘E’ squeezed in between the ‘H’ and ‘U’ like someone had added it later, perhaps fearing a misspelling in the original.

I hopped out of the car and snapped a picture. Professor thought I was getting one of the traditional water tank – not noticing the spray painting until I pointed it out. Which made him kind of irritated; both because the graffiti was there in the first place, and because I’d gotten a picture of it.

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