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 Axis of Evil World Tour, the book, is the story of my time in North Korea, Iraq, and Iran. The website is here to share additional photos from the trip, plus provide the introduction and story excerpts from each country. Enjoy, and please feel free to send feedback if you have any questions or comments.


When was the last trip you took where:

  • the guide wouldn't allow you to keep your passport?
  • you weren't allowed to use the local currency?
  • criticism of the place you traveled could get a guide into serious trouble?

All this and more can be yours with a trip to the DPRK, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Orwellian Country Names, better known as North Korea. In an age where you can get Starbucks on Thai islands, Baskin-Robbins ... (more)


Iran: IranKhomeiniHostagesEvil

For Americans of a certain age these four words are inextricably linked. The Iran hostage crisis forever burned Iran and Khomeini into many minds as emblems of danger and evil. Nearly 30 years have passed since then but stories of nukes, kooky mullahs, and oppressed women have done little to improve Iran’s image ... (more)


Iraq: Base Life in Baghdad

It's called a ‘tactical landing’. Wary of missiles or other ground fire, C-130s ferrying troops and cargo into Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) start taking evasive action a few miles from the runway - one minute you’re flying along strapped onto your bench in the packed cargo bay, the next minute you’ve suddenly ... (more)


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